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1-800-890-1000 support@identakid.com

*When contacting Ident-A-Kid, please keep a few things in mind to expedite support.

-You will need AeroAdmin, downloadable from https://Identakid.com/Remote as the Ident-A-Kid Remote Access Service.

Make sure that AeroAdmin is allowed at the firewall and that the ports detailed in this article are open. http://ts.aeroadmin.com/kb/faq.php?id=4 If you have any questions regarding our remote support please contact us by emailing support@identakid.com or calling 1-800-890-1000 option 2.

-Please ensure that you are logged in as an administrator on the computer running Ident-A-Kid's VM software.

Inadequate rights on a regular account could play a part in the issues you may be experiencing.

-Windows Support

We are unable to support Windows operating systems that are no longer supported by Windows (Windows XP, Windows 7, etc.)

New Monthly Webinar Series

Starting in February, we will be hosting monthly webinars that provide a quick tutorial on setup and an overview of the newest updates to the Ident-A-Kid Visitor Management System!

Our first webinar of the year will cover how to quickly setup a 4.0 station, the features and functionality so that your school is ready to go.

Assistance When It's Best for You: Set-Up an Appointment for IT Support