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Sometimes you may receive a sync error in the PowerSchool app. Most of these errors are related to incorrect settings or the plugin itself was not installed correctly. Below we have listed the most common errors and how to fix them!

Sync Error Description Cause Solution
Unable to load contact access account Possible issue with syncing Student Contacts; still investigating Disable Student Contact syncing
Invalid value for DCF application name The plugin file was unzipped Do not unzip the plugin file during installation
Invalid Client The Client ID or Client Secret is incorrect Re-enter the ID and Secret
Not Found This could be due to the URL being incorrect OR the plugin being removed or not enabled Check the URL and make sure the plugin file is installed AND enabled
Too many requests. Please use the “Retry-After” header to determine how many seconds you need to wait before making the next request This is due to too many requests hitting the server in a short amount of time This issue will usually resolve itself
Connection Reset by Peer This is usually a server-side issue This issue will usually resolve itself on the next sync cycle
Page size can’t be 0 or less than 0 Still investigating Please reach out to our tech team if you receive this error
One or more accounts are not associated with the district School Accounts were not associated correctly with District Manager Check the Associate Schools section for more information