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Set up your 4.0 Station(s) easily with our on-boarding pages.



Getting Started

School Account Creation

Learn how to register your system, add school users, generate reports and modify settings with your School Account here.

Web Manager Account Creation

Learn how to Create your Web Manager account to access reports, notifications, assign user roles and view subscription information here.

Adding Users in Web Manager

Quick guide on adding users and assigning the appropriate roles to each user here.

Settings in the Web Manager

Quick descriptions on how to customize each menu of settings to meet your school’s needs here.

Web Manager List

NoGo List

Setup guide for preventing individuals who shouldn’t be on campus from completing check-in here.

RFID User List

Our JiffyPass system allows swift check-ins for your staff and volunteers. Learn how to add users here.

Pre-Approved Visitor SOC List

This list is reserved for those visitors that have completed the check-in process and were approved during the Sexual Offender Check (SOC). Learn more about this list here.

Student List

This list is used for PowerSchool integration and for schools that scan student IDs. Learn more about this list here.

Preloaded List

Very helpful for staff, frequent volunteers or substitutes. Preloaded list can be used to create drop-down lists for names. Learn more here.

Client Set Up Process

New Client

Learn how to set up a new station here.

Replacement Client

Learn how to replace a station that you are no longer using here.

Clone Client

Learn how to create a new station with a clone of current stations settings here.

Other Client

Learn how to remove or configure a new or existing client agent here.


Notification Feature

The Notifications feature allows you to view all received notifications concerning sexual offender checks. Learn more here.


Currently there are four reporting options. Learn more about them here.

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