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Adding Users to School Manager


Our School Manager allows you to keep a list of users who have access to various parts of your Identakid system. You want to be sure to manage this list regularly to ensure only approved people have access. This article will explain the Users list and how to manage it.

To access the Users List log into your School Manager at


Once you are logged in click the Users option in the left blue navigation panel.

At the top of your screen you will see a spot you can invite users via email address.

Simply type in an email address and click invite.  That user will receive an email asking them to create their Identakid account. (Be sure to check Spam folder!)

After sending the invite that user will be automatically assigned the User role.

To delete a role click the X next to the role name.  To assign a different role simply click the + sign.  You should see a list of roles as pictured below.

Admin – Unrestricted access to every part of your Identakid system

User – Access to Reports

Director – Access to Users and Settings

Notification – Access to Notification Alerts only

Station-Kiosk – Access to the Web Client check in station

Contact Ident-A-Kid’s Support Team by calling 800-890-1000 option 2, emailing support@identakid.com, or visiting our website.

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