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We know that the beginning of the school year can be stressful time. We want to help you start the year off right with these helpful resources.

For New Hires

As you add new staff members to your school, it’s important to add them to your Ident-A-Kid accounts and train them properly. We recommend the following for all new hires that will work with your visitor management system:

Schedule a meeting with Customer Success

Our team is here to make sure you understand how to use your visitor management system. Schedule a time with them here.

Add New Users to Web Manager

To make sure your new staff can access your Ident-A-Kid account, you need to add them to your Web Manager’s User List. Learn how to add new users here.

Your Visitor Management Web Manager

The Web Manager is an important part of making sure your visitor management system has the proper settings, correct lists and more. We recommend you check the following:


  1. Check your active users in the Users list. This list manages all users who have access to your Ident-A-Kid apps. If a staff member has left, or changed positions and no longer needs access, we recommend removing them. Learn how to manage users here.
  2. We recommend you familiarize yourself with the reporting module. To learn how to create reports click here.
  3. Import new preloaded lists for the new year. Preloaded lists speed up check-ins for those individuals who have already been approved to be on campus . These can included staff, student, or volunteer lists. Learn how to import preloaded lists here.
  4. To learn about importing RFID users for JiffyPass through the web manager, click here.
  5. Review and/or set an Admin Override passcode. This is used in instances for reviewing check-ins.
  6. Review your badge settings and adjust as needed. Learn more here.
  7. Clear your preloaded lists. We recommend that you review, clear and update the preapproved visitors and NOGO lists periodically. Learn more about managing preloaded list here.
  8. Review you Notification settings. These settings are important for the sexual offender and NoGo alerts. Be sure each user who has access to notifications to review their notification settings also. Learn more about notification settings here.

Web Manager Webinar Video

View full webinar breakdown here.

Your Visitor Management Check in Station

The iVisitor Management system is flexible and easy to customize. We recommend you check the following:


  1. Make sure any devices you are using are configured and working correctly. This includes the Client Agent which is used for printing badges. Learn how to manage devices here.
  2. Review your badge settings and adjust them as needed. Learn how to manage your badge settings here.
  3. We recommend that you test a few check-in/check-outs be sure everything is working as expected.
  4. Using the JiffyPass User Registration feature you can allow new users to register their RFID card or keyfob directly through the check-in station. To learn more click here.

Web Client Webinar

View full webinar breakdown here.

Visitor Management Hardware and Supplies

Having the right hardware and enough supplies is essential for your success. We recommend you check the following:


  1. If you print visitor badges and/or hall passes, check your label supply. Learn how to manage users here.
  2. Having a clean printer will help keep your hardware running longer and prevent jams. We recommend you clean your printers before the start of the school year. Learn how to import preloaded list here.
  3. We recommend that you keep hand sanitizer of cleaning wipes next to your station if you use a kiosk.
  4. We recommend you consider any replacements or new hardware additions to your system before the school year starts.

For Additional Support

Contact our support team for any questions of help setting up your visitor management system for next year by calling 800-890-1000 option 2, emailing support@identakid.com, or visiting our website.