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Web Client v1.13.2 – November 2019

Various bug fixes and performance improvements


Web Client v1.13.1 – July 15th, 2019

Fixed an issue with Activity Reports reporting incorrect auto logout times.  This fix REQUIRES that you set your timezone on your Identakid profile page.

Upgraded offline storage capabilities and performance to allow for very large preloaded lists.

Disabled web browser auto fill for Web Client text fields.

Fixed a bug with expired Pre Approved Visitor records that were not updating correctly.

Fixed a bug that allowed a check in to continue with no first name entry.

Web Client v1.12.1 – May 31st, 2019

Handle Time Zone in activity report
Added Time Zone setting in General Settings
Added checkin only filter for activity reports
Added multiple badge names filter for activity reports
Fixed overlapping text in notifications
Fixed misspelled expiration alert text
Removed IAK Label Printer Setting; now only new IAK Long Labels may be used.


Web Client v1.12.0 – May 13th, 2019

Improved Sexual Offender Check process when used with the Preapproved List.
Added SOC Hashing.  This means that if visitors are flagged as a false positive offender(s) and approved, they will not be flagged for the same false positive offenders if they scan their ID again.
Implemented Show Scanned Information feature.  This allows a review of the Drivers License information that is scanned during check in.
Added audio alerts for SOC/NOGO messages and/or a greeting sound upon check in.
Improved visitor name validation when used in Additional Infomation fields
Multiple bug fixes and performance improvements


Web Client v1.11.5 – April 2nd, 2019

Updated image for the Optical Scanner Raw Code scanning option.
Fixed various issues with the Pre Approved Visitor List not populating correctly under certain circumstances.
Fixed a DOB issue with UTC time.
Fixed an issue with an Optical Scanner that is set to RAW CODE would not scan properly upon check out.
Fixed an issue that would sometimes display UNDEFINED as the middle name when checking NOGO list against Additional Info.
(Web Manager) Added an SOC Expiration date option.  This will allow you to choose (in # of days) when an approved SOC record will expire.  More info in the User Guide.


Web Client v1.11.3 – February 25th, 2019

Fixed parsing of Connecticut Drivers Licenses.

Web Client v1.11.2 – February 20th, 2019

Fixed an issue with Nogo alerts for users on the Nogo Enhanced List not displaying Notes.
Fixed an issue that would allow an optical scanner to be used on the Home Page.
Fixed a few auto save issues in Settings.
Renamed “Scan Out” for the Quick Scanout feature to “Quick Scan Out”
Various bug fixes

Web Client v1.11.0 – February 19th, 2019

Several bug fixes and performance improvements
Released new feature : Log Aggregation (Easily submit logs to IAK Tech Team for review.)
Webcam printed image quality has been improved.
Text on the badge has been moved over roughly a half inch to accommodate discrepancies with color on the badge.

Web Client Version v1.10.0 – January 15th, 2019

Fixed going ‘Back’ when option is auto selected
Fixed box shadow in home page
Handled option ‘Back to Scan Out Screen when Other Badge is Used’ in Scan Out
Bug fix auto reset station msg when offline activated
Fixed calling non existing func in markup and fix nogo non person empty last name
Handle badge creation from mgr, added small changes to quick checkout and added few cases in barcode-test.sh
Handle option ‘Back to Scan Out Screen when Other Badge is Used’ in check-in, checkout and jiffypass workflow
Fix option ‘Back to Scan Out Screen when Other Badge is used’
Fix option ‘Back to Scan Out when Other Badge is used’ in quick checkout
Handle on ‘Other Badges’ to redirect always to home and Prevent quick checkout if badge event type id is 2(Early Release)
Add new button in home for quick checkout, hide scanner page after scan, handle visitor Badge Title if exists(or empty) in QR and improve breadcrumb for quick checkout feature
Check if Last Name exists in background check element
Fix disable save buttons, fix quick checkout after scan bug and handle nogo message api req when empty full name
Fix student contact bug comparison. Improve public/app/barcode-test.sh bash script for barcode simulation
Fix student contact on soc, change android scanner settings text and fix autofocus in additional info inputs
Fix student contact loading by default as preload list
Select answer automatically if conditions are met
Add disable save button feature when saving settings
Add auto reset feature
Fix student contact checkin issue
Handle person and non-person search in nogo list
Fix select same img for upload bug
Implement Quick Checkout, fix search bar color and signature on zoom
Add Free Form max length of 50, and fix of CA loading bug


Web Client v1.8.3 Notes- September 26th, 2018

Fixed issue with Admin Review with Date Of Birth Confirmation screen

Handles station not found error when in Offline Mode

Implemented longer timeout for Client Agent Remote Access

Fixed bug with parsing middle name using optical scanner

Various bug fixes


Web Client v1.8.0 Notes- September 26th, 2018

Implemented On Screen Signatures

Increased On Screen Signature box width

Signature Images will be uploaded to cloud

Added white background to on screen signature box

General bug fixes and performance improvements


Web Client v1.7.2 Notes- September 11th, 2018

Bug fix server event front-end not handling errors correctly.


Web Client v1.7.0 Notes-August 31st, 2018

Badges with the Student Contact Relationships enabled were printing parent names. Now printing student names

Clients with offline support were not syncing school data consistently is most cases. For example Students missing. Schools will need to do one of the two steps below if they have this issue. Also, if they had this issue and went to Online mode, they can enable offline support now by going to settings and Activate Offline support.

Log in as an admin and go to Settings. Then Reset station at the bottom. Replace the exact station they just reset and Activate offline. This will correctly re-sync all data.

Export the list they are having trouble with, select Delete All and Re-import the downloaded list. This will sync all the new data imported to the client.

When screens went idol, the station went to the home page after one minute, even during alerts. This has been postponed to five minutes when an Alert has been triggered to give time for Admins to assess the checkin/out.

Added the ability to select multiple devices for Standalone JiffyPass mode in-case they have JiffyPass and Barcode scanners attached.

Added Confirmation Message Close Time into Standalone Mode. This will allow you to change the message confirming a correctly scanned JiffyPass from 3 seconds to 1 second for example. Whole seconds only. No decimals. Allows for quick scanning.

Added ability to filter through Labels Types available by date in the district manager. Go to district Manager, set date range, click Load Badge Types.

Added Field 2 to district manager report.

Client Agent issue with Allowing remote access to error at printers.

Added Share Settings URL for you to share settings templates of a client across schools/districts


Web Client v1.6.0 Notes- August 20th, 2018

Fix nogo enhanced upload files

Bug fix, handle web client invalid requests that contains additional info answer grater then 50 chars

Add spinner loader in dymo printers settings

Fix typo at web cam error msg

Fix bug at form sections of page layout settings

Fix jiffy pass rfid user field4 and handle card id match at the server level. Set preloaded category -1 and preloaded name id = rfiduser.id  Fix dron file by adding single quotes into drone tagging

Fix student contact normal checkin/out

Bug fix with additional info nogo. Bug fix for nogo enhance file uploads

Add Student Name in Information Review and Implement autocomplete for student contacts in checkout

Fix visitor name component when load function is called tph is null

Regenerate source code with gokit

Implement student contact initial part

Add SchoolStudentID field

Add Student Contact Label API

Add student contact API functions

Implement Spinner Icon when settings are loading/saving

Change optical scanner manual and fix misspelled words at Integrated Jiffypass settings

File upload at Nogo Enhanced initiated

Fix bug on webcam settings twin turbo printer


Web Client v1.5.6 Patch Notes- July 17th, 2018

Bug fixed with station templates

Changed default screensaver settings

Bug fixes for screensaver feature. Moved the sync source code into app component. Changed default screensaver text.

Implement Test, Default and other improvements on Screensaver

Handle no-checkin when offline at checkout flow

Added screensaver feature

Other bug fixes and improvements


Web Client v1.5.5 Patch Notes- July 5th, 2018

Fixed settings data migration, Remove duplicated twin turbo from supported devices

Implemented multiple scanners and Device Picker in Checkout

Changed device routers. Allow device renaming when in use. Fix data migration for multi scanners

Implemented multiple scanners and Device Picker Feature

Bug fix retry functionality for checkin/out and jiffypass

Bug fix checkout not validating checkins correctly

Fixed display badges conditions

Migrated flag ‘kiosk-mode’ to ‘all’ and improve badge display options


Web Client v1.5.4 Patch Notes- June 25th, 2018

Fixed an issue with additional info nogo check not working correctly when answer changes using back button

Implemented Search feature on free form info picker

Station rename description updated

Added new field InputFormat into badge settings api

Added insensitivity search in offline mode

Handle inputFormat when undefined

Improved visitor-name in info picker

Add Visitor Name Feature in info picker

Hide ‘Back’ button when no answer is provided


Web Client v1.5.3 Patch Notes- June 25th, 2018

Removed unused preloaded category list

Fixed checkin request removal


Web Client v1.5.2 Patch Notes– June 25th, 2018

Fix take a photo face detection failure flow

Fix error in saving webcam image

Fix skip after failure face detection error

Added face detection section into webcam device settings

Fixed webcam face detection admin review, Ignoring flag preloadedFreeform from SOC flow

Added admin login component to take photo component

Added admin review into take a photo component


Web Client 1.5.0 Patch Notes– June 6th, 2018

Rename popup message during the station reset

Added nogo enhance Bug fix sync local not removing checkin requests

Added new autologout type “0 Minutes” under Relative option

Renamed ‘Ignore’ text to ‘Confirm’ on dialog in station reset

Improved handling station reset

Handled Reset Station if no data is synced

Fixed arrow keys at typeahead suggestions (drop down menus)

Fixed nogo search by allowing middle name to be optional

Added show layout colors toggle

Added autocomplete max results setting

Fix search input when empty in info-picker page

Text on client agent settings page has been updated


Web Client 1.4.10 Patch Notes– June 4th, 2018

Fix webcam in Safari iOS and handle webcam errors

Fixed nogo search by allowing middle name to be optional

Implemented handler of Include RFID users at checkin/checkout

Added show layout colors toggle

Added autocomplete max results setting

Fixed search input when empty in info-picker page

Various bug fixes


Web Client 1.4.7 Patch Notes– May 7th, 2018

Fixed issues with deleting the JiffyPass Reader if it was selected under Integrated or Standalone modes, even if those modes were not active

Allow users to select NONE if no Jiffypass mode is enabled under Integrated and Standalone modes

Improved Drivers License parsing for Pennsylvania Drivers Licenses

Prevent barcode scanning when completing SOC check manually

Error is now displayed when trying to configure a duplicate station

Several bug fixes

Added search function for Additional Info during Check In


Web Client 1.4.6 Patch Notes– May 4th, 2018

Idle Timer implemented. A dialog box will appear after a minute of inactivity to redirect you to the Home Page

General bug fixes


Web Client 1.4.5 Patch Notes– May 4th, 2018

Added the ability to disable badges under Check In, Check Out, JiffyPass and Flextime

Bind Enter Key to submit Admin Pass Code during SOC/NOGO check under Kiosk mode

Prevent barcode/QR/Drivers License scanning when selecting a badage for check in or check out

Implemented “loading” text during Client Agent configuration

Fixed webcam config page not showing Twin Turbo Printers

After offline Mode sync, changed text of “Skip” button to “Home Page”

Various bug fixes and performance improvements


Web Client 1.4.4 Patch Notes– May 1st, 2018

Bug fix checkout not selecting person record from autocomplete


Web Client 1.4.3 Patch Notes– May 1st, 2018

Bug fix user could not checkout


Web Client 1.4.2 Patch Notes– April 26th, 2018

Bug fix print options not displaying correctly


Web Client 1.4.1 Patch Notes– April 26th, 2018

Handle breaking change for bug fix missing label type id

Bug fix at checkout flow the badge type id was not set and causing the autocomplete to list people from other badges


Web Client 1.4.0 Patch Notes– April 26th, 2018

Removed “Beta Version” text from signup page

Added new device DYMO Twin Turbo Label Printer


Web Client 1.3.9 Patch Notes– April 19th, 2018

Add prefix text from setting labelPrefix into visitor name title

Return label prefix setting and default general template

Change default selected station setup template to ‘basic’

Re-added general template temporarily until users are trained with new templates

Bug fix replace NONE middle name DL when parsing with empty text

Added SMS notification method


Web Client 1.3.7 Patch Notes– April 16th, 2018

Bug fix visitor name when middle name field is not present and search is failing if user have selected a name from autocomplete and then try to type different name.

Optimization when selecting a name from dropdown, no search needed after selecting

Bug fix wizard and wizard checkout during visitor search not sending preloadedCategoryId

Change offline name search with starting string match


Web client 1.3.5 Patch Notes– April 16th, 2018

Bug fix when nogo review approved but soc denied, error screen popup

Bug fix when offline mode active, some data are not being removed locally


Web Client 1.3.4 Patch Notes– March 29th, 2018

Auto Focus for text input has been implemented (Insertion point will automatically go to First Name field.)

Version 1 of Face Detection implemented

Flextime Check In has been implemented (This is similar to the Off Site Hours from v3)

Date of Birth Confirmation option added to Badge Settings.

Add state selection during soc check and rename the component from dob confirmation into soc background check info

Bind address state from visitor page into soc background check info

Bug fix not storing label field4 as rfidcard and it is not showing absent report correctly

Bug fix generate 6 digit random number for badge id and print that number for easy checkout

Various bug fixes and improvements