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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can receive the notification feature?

Currently, these new notifications are available to Enterprise Edition users with access to their Web School Manager account. If you are an Enterprise Edition user, but do not have access to your Web School Manager, visit https://school.ccssvm.com to create your account. Creating an account is free. For assistance setting up your account, you can email support@identakid.com.

How are these notifications sent?

When you access your Web School Manager account you will have the option to select the notification types you wish to receive and how to receive them. We currently offer notification alerts through emails registered to user accounts, as well as push notifications through the web browser when a user is logged onto the Web School Manager.

These alerts are new to my school, what is the first thing we need to do?

If you have users within your Web School Manager, they will already be set up to start receiving email and browser notifications for potential Sexual Offender and NoGo (Banned) visitors. If you have users that need to be added to your school to receive alerts, you can go to the Users page in your Web School Manager, add their email, and click Invite. Make sure to set their role to Admin. Once the user has created their account, they can go in and edit their settings.

If you have current users in your Web Manager that need to modify their settings for notifications to receive all alerts, only certain types or turn off alerts all together, now is the time.

I’m not receiving a certain type of alert, how do I fix this?

Go to the Notification Settings page in your Web School Manager. You can toggle on/off any alerts that you wish to receive or not receive. For users that want to receive all alerts, toggle all to On.

How do I turn certain alerts off?

Go to the Notification Settings page in your Web School Manager. You can toggle on/off any alerts that you do not wish to receive. For users that do not want to receive any alerts, they may set all to Off.

How do I set other administrators at my school to receive alerts?

Admin users will need to add all new Admins through the Users page and set their users as an Admin role. Once those users create their School Manager account, they will need to log in, go to the Notification Settings and make sure they are receiving the alerts needed. To add a new administrator, go to the Users page, enter in the new users email, and click Invite. Once invited you will see a + symbol next to their name, and you will set their role as Admin.

Do I have to use the Web School Manager to handle notifications? What if I want to handle them like I used to, directly from the Client application using my initials?

No, handling notifications through the Web School Manager is entirely optional, though highly recommended. If you need or prefer to handle No-Go and Sexual Offender alerts through the Client application, you can continue entering your approved initials and handling the request.
When you handle through the Alert at the Client Application, the response will be sent to the web manager and update the response for your records.

If I approve or deny alerts from the Web School Manager instead of the application, do I have to click a button at the station to complete the check-in/out?

No. The client will receive instructions from the web server and automatically proceed based on your selection (Approve/Deny).

Can I receive desktop notifications even if I’m not logged into the Web School Manager?

Currently, you must be logged into the Web School Manager to receive desktop notifications. Email notifications will still be received whether or not you’re logged in.

Why can’t I get notifications to work on my desktop browser?

Not all browsers support all features, including notifications. We are adding support for more browsers and platforms regularly, but we recommend using the Google Chrome Browser where possible as it supports the newest browser standards that take advantage of the Web School Manager’s features. Internet Explorer is currently not a supported browser. Other supported browsers are Edge, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

To test desktop notifications, go to your Notification Settings Page. If Notification Methods – Web School Manager is off, turn this setting on. If this setting is on, turn off, then back on. You should receive a Pop up requesting to allow your browser to send notifications. Click Allow. Your notification settings should now look like this:

You may now try a test message to see the desktop notifications.

I manage more than one school. Why am I not getting browser notifications for more than one school at a time?

At this time, you can only receive browser push notifications for the school you are currently viewing in the Web School Manager. Please note that you will still receive all email notifications, whether or not any particular school is being viewed.

Can I get notifications (vibrate, ringtone) to my mobile phone?

Mobile push notifications are currently only available for Android phones. We recommend using Google Chrome for the best compatibility with our web application.
SMS (Text Message) notifications are currently in development and will be announced at a later date.

Is there an app I can download?

Android users, you can add the Web School Manager to your home screen with an app-like interface (no address bar) by following these instructions:

    1. 1. Open the Google Chrome Browser app.
    1. 2. Visit https://school.ccssvm.com
    1. 3. Sign in with your Ident-A-Kid account.
    1. 4. Tap the three dots at the top-right corner of the window.
    1. 5. Tap “Add to Home Screen”
    1. 6. Enter a name for the shortcut.
    1. 7. Tap “ADD”
    1. 8. Use the shortcut on your Home Screen to access the School Manager web application.
I accidentally clicked Deny for a visitor that should be approved. What should I do?

This person will now be added to your NoGo list. You will want to go to the Default Settings of your client manager and then go to your NoGo list and delete this visitor’s name. You can have the visitor check in again and click Approve.

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