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RFID Users List

If you have staff members, volunteers, or others that use RFID cards or keyfobs for door access or other purposes, they may be able to use those same ID cards to check in to your CENTEGIX check-in station! The RFID List contains the information needed to allow this. To ensure you have compatible cards or fobs, please contact our support team.

It is important to keep in mind that when using an RFID card or fob for checking in, your users MUST also do the same for checking out. You cannot scan in and then manually sign out without the card or fob.

Once you confirm your cards or fobs are compatible with one of our RFID readers you can add your users to the RFID list.

Access your School Manager, click Settings then click RFID Users List.

RFID Users List

Click Add New

RFID Add New

Fill out the information shown here. In the Card ID field, scan the card or keyfob of the user using the RFID Reader purchased from us. Click Save when you are done.

To add many users at once create one user then use the Export function in the upper right corner of your rfid list. Export that one user, open with Excel or a similar program, add your other users then use the Import function.

Import Export

Be sure to configure an RFID Reader within your check-in station settings. More information here