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I’m new to the system. How do I sign up?

To get started, visit https://signup.ccssvm.com. Create your Ident-A-Kid School Account with ease using our setup wizard.

How do I access the Web Manager?

To access the Web Manager, open a Google Chrome web browser and navigate to https://school.ccssvm.com

I’m currently on version 3.0. How do I create an account?

The email address used for registration will automatically receive an invite to create an account. Upon receiving the email invite, click the link and fill out the information to complete your account set up.

*If you did not receive the email invite, please contact our tech department for assistance.

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Web Client Patch Notes

Web Client v1.18.14 – March 16th, 2021

Fixed an issue with autocomplete at check-out

Web Client v1.18.12 – February 18th, 2021

Changed the Visitor Search feature.  The search button has been integrated with the next arrow during check in/out.

Web Client v1.18.11 – January 26th, 2021

Added visitor name search button

Added ‘Select’ placeholder text in UI for manual entry

Added new Alien ID parameter for SOC check

Handle notifications that have been canceled or have timed out due to no response

Web Client v1.18.7 –  October 20th, 2020

Fixed an issue caused by additional info that was causing badges to not print.

Web Client v1.18.5 – October 12th, 2020

New notification statuses have been added.  These include a ‘cancelled’ status if the alert is cancelled during check in and a ‘timeout’ status which will trigger after a set amount of time has passed and the notification alert has not been handled.

Web Client v1.18.3 – October 1st, 2020

Fixed an issue with a webcam device appearing under the scanners drop down menu in Badge Settings.

Web Client v1.18.1 – September 22nd, 2020

Added support for Spanish language.  Enable in your Client Settings.

Made some text corrections

Fixed an issue with the Welcome Text disappearing from the Home Page.

Fixed an issue with Share Station link that would not allow a check in to be completed.

Made overall performance improvements

Web Client v1.17.1- June 2020

Fixes for iOS devices using a webcam/face detection

Web Client v1.16.0- April 2nd, 2020

Added Station Sharing. This allows you to configure and share a station with your users with no login required; on any desktop PC, smartphone or tablet.

Web Client v1.15.0- March 24th, 2020

Improved logging processes, allowing us to diagnose issues easier

Web Client v1.13.3 – February 2020

QR Code Optimization:  The QR code printed on the badge for easy check out has been optimized to scan much easier than before.


View more patch notes here.

Web School Manager Patch Notes

Web Manager v1.23.0 – February 08, 2021

Added MatchedText field at Notification API

Fixed encoding badge name field form and fix ‘defaultvalue’ parameter

Web Manager v1.22.1 – October 16th, 2020

Fixed an issue with Chrome autofill that was saving the wrong login information when creating an Identakid account.

New notification statuses have been added.  These include a ‘canceled’ status if the alert is canceled during check in and a ‘timeout’ status which will trigger
after a set amount of time has passed and the notification alert has not been handled.

Added ability to change a notification status and add a comment with the change. Changing a status to approved or denied will add the user to the pre approved list (if enabled) or the nogo list respectively.  It will not affect reports.

Fixed an issue where using an invite link after an account was already created to update information would not provide an error to the user stating the account was already created.  Remember, if you need to update your account information including your password go to account.identakid.net

Corrected an issue with nogo alerts that were not showing the name entered during check in if nogo was flagged from additional information
Now the name will show and if nogo is triggered from additional information there will be a “Matched Text” field that will provide you the word or phrase that triggered the alert.

Corrected an issue with the “Changed At” date field in a notification record.

Corrected an issue with “Matched Text” not displaying in a notification alert.

Web Manager v1.21.0 – September 24, 2020

Added Emergency notification feature.  This allows you to set a custom message and send as an email or text message to your users.  To access, log into your School Manager and click Emergency.  Be sure to check out the new user guide for more information on this feature.

Web Manager v1.20.3 – August 6th, 2020

Made several text corrections
Fixed a login issue when clicking the link within an email invite
Fixed a few issues with the Logout button

Web Manager v1.20.1 – June 2020

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Web Manager v1.17.1 – February 19th, 2019

Bug Fixes


Web Manager Version 1.17.0 – January 15th, 2019

Bug fix badge creation by handling badge Type ID and badge removal by removing all answers
Minor fix for adding new badge
Change delete logic for badge
Add new badge feature
Add student contact list as preload list in dropdown
Sort schools by name in school access list
Display notifications for expiring license
Add pm/am to the activity reports
District Manager Patch Notes

District Manager v1.2.15 – October 1st, 2020

Updated the Renew License link

District Manager v1.2.14- September 22nd, 2020

Fixed an issue that would not allow an Activity Report to be exported
Improved handling of duplicate records in preloaded lists
Performance improvements

District Manager v1.2.2– June 2020

Activity Report filters have been added.  Please consult the User Guide for more information.

District Manager – March 24th, 2020

Added the first phase of district reporting, which includes the Activity Report.  More reports to follow.