4.0 Web Client Set Up - Ident-A-Kid Support

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I’m new to the system. How do I sign up?

To get started, visit https://signup.ccssvm.com. Create your Ident-A-Kid School Account with ease using our setup wizard.

How do I access the Web Manager?

To access the Web Manager, open a web browser and navigate to https://school.ccssvm.com

I’m currently on version 3.0. How do I create an account?

The email address used for registration will automatically receive an invite to create an account. Upon receiving the email invite, click the link and fill out the information to complete your account set up.

*If you did not receive the email invite, please contact our tech department for assistance.

Demo Video


4.0 Web Client User Guide


Patch Notes

Web Client v1.5.6 Patch Notes- July 17th, 2018

Bug fixed with station templates
Changed default screensaver settings
Bug fixes for screensaver feature. Moved the sync source code into app component. Changed default screensaver text.
Implement Test, Default and other improvements on Screensaver
Handle no-checkin when offline at checkout flow
Added screensaver feature
Other bug fixes and improvements


Web Client v1.5.5 Patch Notes- July 5th, 2018

Fixed settings data migration, Remove duplicated twin turbo from supported devices
Implemented multiple scanners and Device Picker in Checkout
Changed device routers. Allow device renaming when in use. Fix data migration for multi scanners
Implemented multiple scanners and Device Picker Feature
Bug fix retry functionality for checkin/out and jiffypass
Bug fix checkout not validating checkins correctly
Fixed display badges conditions
Migrated flag ‘kiosk-mode’ to ‘all’ and improve badge display options


Web Client v1.5.4 Patch Notes- June 25th, 2018

Fixed an issue with additional info nogo check not working correctly when answer changes using back button
Implemented Search feature on free form info picker
Station rename description updated
Added new field InputFormat into badge settings api
Added insensitivity search in offline mode
Handle inputFormat when undefined
Improved visitor-name in info picker
Add Visitor Name Feature in info picker
Hide ‘Back’ button when no answer is provided


Web Client v1.5.3 Patch Notes- June 25th, 2018

Removed unused preloaded category list
Fixed checkin request removal


Web Client v1.5.2 Patch Notes– June 25th, 2018

Fix take a photo face detection failure flow
Fix error in saving webcam image
Fix skip after failure face detection error
Added face detection section into webcam device settings
Fixed webcam face detection admin review, Ignoring flag preloadedFreeform from SOC flow
Added admin login component to take photo component
Added admin review into take a photo component


Web Client 1.5.0 Patch Notes– June 6th, 2018

Rename popup message during the station reset
Added nogo enhance Bug fix sync local not removing checkin requests
Added new autologout type “0 Minutes” under Relative option
Renamed ‘Ignore’ text to ‘Confirm’ on dialog in station reset
Improved handling station reset
Handled Reset Station if no data is synced
Fixed arrow keys at typeahead suggestions (drop down menus)
Fixed nogo search by allowing middle name to be optional
Added show layout colors toggle
Added autocomplete max results setting
Fix search input when empty in info-picker page
Text on client agent settings page has been updated


Web Client 1.4.10 Patch Notes– June 4th, 2018

Fix webcam in Safari iOS and handle webcam errors
Fixed nogo search by allowing middle name to be optional
Implemented handler of Include RFID users at checkin/checkout
Added show layout colors toggle
Added autocomplete max results setting
Fixed search input when empty in info-picker page
Various bug fixes


Web Client 1.4.7 Patch Notes– May 7th, 2018

Fixed issues with deleting the JiffyPass Reader if it was selected under Integrated or Standalone modes, even if those modes were not active
Allow users to select NONE if no Jiffypass mode is enabled under Integrated and Standalone modes
Improved Drivers License parsing for Pennsylvania Drivers Licenses
Prevent barcode scanning when completing SOC check manually
Error is now displayed when trying to configure a duplicate station
Several bug fixes
Added search function for Additional Info during Check In


Web Client 1.4.6 Patch Notes– May 4th, 2018

Idle Timer implemented. A dialog box will appear after a minute of inactivity to redirect you to the Home Page
General bug fixes


Web Client 1.4.5 Patch Notes– May 4th, 2018

Added the ability to disable badges under Check In, Check Out, JiffyPass and Flextime
Bind Enter Key to submit Admin Pass Code during SOC/NOGO check under Kiosk mode
Prevent barcode/QR/Drivers License scanning when selecting a badage for check in or check out
Implemented “loading” text during Client Agent configuration
Fixed webcam config page not showing Twin Turbo Printers
After offline Mode sync, changed text of “Skip” button to “Home Page”
Various bug fixes and performance improvements


Web Client 1.4.4 Patch Notes– May 1st, 2018

Bug fix checkout not selecting person record from autocomplete


Web Client 1.4.3 Patch Notes– May 1st, 2018

Bug fix user could not checkout


Web Client 1.4.2 Patch Notes– April 26th, 2018

Bug fix print options not displaying correctly


Web Client 1.4.1 Patch Notes– April 26th, 2018

Handle breaking change for bug fix missing label type id
Bug fix at checkout flow the badge type id was not set and causing the autocomplete to list people from other badges


Web Client 1.4.0 Patch Notes– April 26th, 2018

Removed “Beta Version” text from signup page
Added new device DYMO Twin Turbo Label Printer


Web Client 1.3.9 Patch Notes– April 19th, 2018

Add prefix text from setting labelPrefix into visitor name title
Return label prefix setting and default general template
Change default selected station setup template to ‘basic’
Re-added general template temporarily until users are trained with new templates
Bug fix replace NONE middle name DL when parsing with empty text
Added SMS notification method


Web Client 1.3.7 Patch Notes– April 16th, 2018

Bug fix visitor name when middle name field is not present and search is failing if user have selected a name from autocomplete and then try to type different name.
Optimization when selecting a name from dropdown, no search needed after selecting
Bug fix wizard and wizard checkout during visitor search not sending preloadedCategoryId
Change offline name search with starting string match


Web client 1.3.5 Patch Notes– April 16th, 2018

Bug fix when nogo review approved but soc denied, error screen popup
Bug fix when offline mode active, some data are not being removed locally


Web Client 1.3.4 Patch Notes– March 29th, 2018

Auto Focus for text input has been implemented (Insertion point will automatically go to First Name field.)
Version 1 of Face Detection implemented
Flextime Check In has been implemented (This is similar to the Off Site Hours from v3)
Date of Birth Confirmation option added to Badge Settings.
Add state selection during soc check and rename the component from dob confirmation into soc background check info
Bind address state from visitor page into soc background check info
Bug fix not storing label field4 as rfidcard and it is not showing absent report correctly
Bug fix generate 6 digit random number for badge id and print that number for easy checkout
Various bug fixes and improvements

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