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How to enable debugging for your Ident-A-Kid Visitor Management System

From time-to-time, an issue may arise. We are going to detail how you will enable debugging for your Ident-A-Kid Visitor Management System and submit logs to our support team. Doing this will assist us when helping fix your issues. This error report provides detailed information on what is happening with your system and provides a starting point for our team to begin at when resolving your issues. This feature is available to all Ident-A-Kid customers using the V4 software.

Now, we’ll go over how you can quickly and easily enable debugging and submit a report.

Step 1. Log into your school’s Ident-A-Kid Visitor Management System account as an administrator. You should see a similar screen shown here. Yours may be customized with your school colors and/or logo. 

Step 2. Click the side menu button in the top left corner of the screen.


Step 3. From the side menu, click on “Settings”.


If you cannot access this area, you may not be logged in as a user with admin permissions. 

Step 4. Scroll down the settings menu to the “System Logs” section. You will then click on the “Enable Debugging” button. Once you have clicked this, the “Report an Issue” button will appear. STOP!

Go back to the home screen and wait for your issue to happen again. You have to have the issue happen while the Debugging is on for us to see it in the logs. These reports clear out every 24 hours, so it is important to report the logs and issue to us as soon as you can after it happens again.


Step 5. REPORT YOUR ISSUE. Go back to the Settings and System Logs area. Select “Report an Issue” button.

In this window you will be shown instructions and a box where you will describe the issue you are having. Please be as detailed as possible as this will help our tech support team resolve your issue faster. Once finished, click send.

After you have completed these steps, it will email you and our support team the logs, and our team will be contacting you in a timely manner to offer further assistance.

If you have no more issues to submit, you should select the Disable Debugging button so your system is not continuing to gather logs. 


If you have any questions about how to enable debugging or submitting an error report please use the form below and we will respond as soon as possible.

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