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Identakid’s Remote-Links feature allows you to access and share your check-in station remotely with no login or setup for the end user required.  This will allow staff, volunteers and others to check in themselves if they need to work remotely.  This article will show you how to configure your check-in station to use Remote-Links.

Access your check-in station at https://client.ccssvm.com

Navigate to Settings through the menu in the upper right corner.

Scroll down to Share Station

Sharing a station means that this station you are on now, with its specific badges, settings and devices will be the same settings when activating Share Station.  We recommend you create a new station, configure the settings you want, then share that station with your users.

A Note about Sexual Offender Checks

While your users can still perform a sexual offender check using their shared station without an Optical Scanner, the feature is only available on Android devices and requires an app install from the Google Play Store.  To set up the Android app consult our User Guide. (pg. 72)

Once you click Share Station you will see a URL.  This URL is what you will pass out to your users that you want to have access to the shared station.  This URL can be used at the same time on multiple devices.  These shared stations will remain active for 24 hours as a default but you can change the expiration time (in hours).  If you need to extend the expiration you can type in a new time and click Reset Expiration.  You can even put in a negative value to cause all shared stations to expire immediately.  This will not change the URL that you passed out.  An example would be to have a shared station active for 1 hour per day with the station expiring after one hour but the same URL can still be used the next day.

Clicking Unshare Station will also cause all shared stations to expire but will also cause the URL to stop working.  When you want to end sharing altogether click Unshare Station.

This URL can be accessed from any PC, smartphone or tablet and will scale correctly as shown below.

Best Practices

  • Create a new station with your custom station settings before sharing
  • Keep the most basic settings active to make the process easier for your users
    • Disable printing, using Jiffypass and scanning licenses
    • Use your Preapproved List for users who have already been through a sexual offender check
  • Stations will be in Admin Review and able to bypass using certain devices, including Sexual Offender Check
  • End users cannot change settings once the shared station is configured but an admin can make changes to the main client(that was shared) that will reflect to any running shared stations
  • Configure and share a station for each type of user that you have
  • Hide badges you don’t want to be seen or used (User Guide>Badge Access Mode pg. 76)
  • Check and set an expiration timer
  • Disable sharing when not in use

For further assistance please contact our Support Team at support@identakid.com, 1-800-890-1000 Option 2 or join our Live Chat at identakid.com.

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