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The RFID Users List is a powerful feature that will allow you to use your existing RFID cards for staff or students with the IVM system.  This article will show you how to setup this list and how to use it effectively.

There is one requirement to use this feature: the RFID Scanner.  This scanner will be used to scan your RFID cards or keyfobs.

Step 1 – Configuring the RFID Scanner

To configure a new RFID Scanner load your Web Client and navigate to the Settings menu.


Click on Devices

Select Add New Device

Select the JiffyPass RFID Scanner

Here you can configure the name of the device and set the minimum characters to read and the time to scan.

Device Name – Set the name of the device.

Min Characters – Set the minimum characters that the scanner will read.  We recommend setting this to a value of 1.

Max Time Entry – The time the scanner has to process the scanned data.  By default this should not need to be changed.

Once you are done, click Save at the bottom.

Now we just need to enable the scanner for the badges you plan to use with it.

Navigate back to the Web Client Settings page and click on Badge Settings.

Select a badge you want to use with the scanner.  Under Check In Options select the RFID scanner under the Scanner drop down menu. (It will be listed as the name you used when configuring the device.)

Once done, click Save then Go Back.  If you need to enable any other badges to use with the scanner, click that badge and follow the same steps.

Step 2 – Adding RFID Users

Now that we have the RFID Scanner configured we need to add users to the RFID Users List.  You do this by first opening your School Manager and navigating to Settings.

Then click on the RFID Users List under Manage Preloaded Lists.

Once you are here you can see any current RFID users and also add new users by clicking Add New.

Fill out the First, Middle and Last name fields and select the Badge Type this user will be assigned to.  When you get to the Card ID field, scan the card or keyfob you are assigning to the user with the RFID Scanner.  A number should appear; this is that card or keyfobs output number. You can also use Fields 1-7 for optional information about the user.  Be sure to click Save when you are done.

Step 3 – Test!

That’s it!  It’s a good idea to test an RFID user by completing a test check in.  When you click Check In and select a badge that has RFID enabled you will see the below screen.  This is where you can scan the card or fob to make sure it’s working correctly.


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