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Client Agent Reset Instructions

The Client Agent is a small program that runs in the background that allows your Identakid check in station to print.  Sometimes due to various reasons the Client Agent needs to be reset and reconfigured. We will take you step by step through this process.

Step 1 – Remove Any Old Client Agents

Access your Client Settings by clicking the hamburger menu in the upper left hand corner of your check in system shown here.

Click on Settings

Scroll down to the Client Agent section and click Setup.

Click on Existing

Select your school from the School drop down menu.  In the Client Agent Hosts drop down menu you should now see all Client Agents that have existed previously.  You can select each one and click Remove at the bottom to remove it.  

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you have other check in stations with a Client Agent installed make sure not to remove those from this list.  Doing so will cause those systems to stop printing.

Step 2 – Delete Storage.Json file and Restart Windows service.

The Client Agent is, by default, installed in the following folder


To open this folder in Windows 10 simply right click your Start button and select File Explorer.

You should see a window similar to this one:

Click on This PC in the left navigation pane then double click your hard drive, most likely the Windows C:\ drive as shown here.

Here you should see the ccssvmclientagent folder.

Open the ccssvmclientagent folder, then open the workdir folder followed by the storage folder.  There should be one file here…the storage.json file.  Delete that file.

Once that file is deleted we need to restart the Windows service.

Right click your Start button again and this time click Task Manager.

If your Task Manager looks like this:

Click More Details at the bottom.  It should look like this:


Click on the Services tab at the top and locate the ccssvmclientagent service

Right click that service and click Restart.

Step 3 – Reconfigure new Client Agent

Now that we have deleted the storage.json file and restarted the Windows service we can configure the new or replacement Client Agent.

Go Back to your Web Client and navigate to Settings>Client Agent Setup.

Select New.

We already have the Client Agent installed so we don’t need to download it again.  Click Continue.

Here select your school then click the Client Agent Host drop down.  You should see the name of your PC to configure.  You may also see the IP address of the computer. Select the correct PC and click Configure.

Here you can name the Client Agent.  When you are done click Apply Changes.

That’s it!  Your Client Agent should be reset and reconfigured.  You will need to go into your Web Client Settings, navigate to Devices and make sure each printer you have is connected to the new Client Agent.  Just select the Client Agent name from the drop down then select the DYMO printer from the printer list.  Be sure to click Test Printer to print a test badge.

Instructional Video

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