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Volunteer Web Portal Overview

The CENTEGIX Volunteer Web Portal is your destination for managing your volunteer’s data. You can also review volunteers who have submitted their applications and approve them right from the portal! Once a volunteer is approved they will automatically be synced to a volunteer preloaded list within your School Manager!

Volunteer Applications

We can take paper volunteer forms and create digital applications for your volunteers. These applications can be as simple or detailed as you need them to be. To get started with this it’s a good idea to send us any existing paper forms that you have and any requirements or disclaimers for your volunteers that should be explained on your digital forms.

Managing Volunteer Data

The volunteer web portal is where all volunteer data is managed. When a volunteer submits an application and a background check is performed(either from Sterling or manually vetted through the district) you will be able to review their information and manually approve them to be used in your visitor management apps.