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Dymo Single/Twin Turbo Printer

The DYMO printer can be used to print badges. You can also print a QR code on the badge for easy check-out.

Dymo settings

Device Name – Choose a name for this printer. (Visitor Pass or Student Badge for example.)

Client Agent – Select the Client Agent that was configured upon station setup. (Click here for instructions.)

Printer – Select the DYMO printer that is attached to the PC from the drop-down menu

Paper Size – Select the type of labels you are using. Use IAK Label Long for your standard visitor labels (sticky-back)and Thermal Tape for your student passes (no sticky-back).

Paper Source – Select the right or left roll if using a Twin Turbo printer.

Copies – Choose how many copies of each badge will print. The default is one.

Print IAK QR Code – Enabling this will add a QR code to the badge for quick check-out (More info here )

Keep Local Copy – Will save a copy of each badge on your PC as an image file located at C:\ccssvmclientagent\workdir\tmp by default

Be sure to test the printer using the Test Printer option at the bottom.

Best Practice: Create a printer profile for each type of visitor you have if you use different types of labels.