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Optical Scanner

The optical scanner can be used to scan driver licenses, QR codes, and other general barcodes.

Optical Scanner

Device Name – Set a name for the device. We recommend using a device name that defines what it will scan and have a device profile for each. (Drivers License Scanner or Student ID Scanner, for example)

Minimum Characters – Sets the minimum amount of characters the scanner will read to determine an ID has been scanned

Max Time Entry – Defines how long the device has to scan an ID to ensure the minimum number of characters scanned is met. Generally, this option does not need to be adjusted but if your IDs aren’t scanning we recommend increasing the time by 1000ms increments.

JiffyPass Scanning Modes

There are 3 scanning modes for the scanner. Remember that one device can be configured and used for all 3 modes.

  1. The Driver License mode will allow the scanning of Driver’s Licenses. Most driver’s licenses have 2 barcodes on the back; one along the border and another bigger barcode either above or below. Sometimes the scanner may scan the barcode along the border. If it does this cover-up that barcode and be sure to scan the bigger barcode like the one pictured below.
Driver's License Back 2

Recommended Settings:

Name: DL/Driver’s License Scanner

Min Characters: 100

Max Entry: 1000

Scanning Mode: Drivers License

  1. The IAK Badge scanning mode will scan QR codes for quick checkout. More information on Quick Check-Out is here. Below is a sample badge with a QR code printed.
QR Code 2

Recommended Settings:

Name: QR scanner or IAK badge

Min Characters 5

Max Entry: 1000

Scanning Mode: IAK Badge

  1. Finally, the Raw Code scanning mode is used for most other types of barcodes. The most common types of barcodes are Code 39 and Code 128. This mode can scan these types of barcodes and could be useful for users who may want to be able to scan in quickly but may not have an RFID fob or card. They can scan a barcode that you can create for them that works in the exact same way!

Example Raw Code Settings:

Student ID

Name: Student ID Scanner

Min Characters: 5

Max Entry: 1000

Scanning Mode: Raw Code

These settings for raw code can apply to a lot of different barcodes. If you are unsure what to select here give our tech team a call.

There is a test area on the config page that will allow you to scan your barcode. (It is best to contact tech support to ensure your barcodes will be compatible.)


Test Scanner

Optical Scanner Calibration

If you find you are not able to scan ANY barcode or Driver’s License, click Users Manual on the config page and scan the QR code that appears with your scanner. (Or scan the QR code below.) This will recalibrate the device.

QR Code