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How to Sync

Go to the manager, and click on the ‘who is at the school now’ button at the bottom right. When you do, a popup opens that shows all of the active signins. When this comes up, it should be done syncing. To confirm, close this window and look at the bottom right of the main manager window for the timestamp. It should show within a minute of current time. If not, repeat the process until it does.


Then, go to the client. Click on the red exit/checkout button at the bottom right. If it asks for a badge number, skip that screen by clicking the checkbox at the bottom left saying ‘i don’t have a printed badge’, then clicking checkout and confirming on the next dialogue box that you don’t have a badge by clicking yes. Once you get to the list of active check-ins, look for ‘refresh’ at the bottom. Click that, it’ll say it’s syncing, and once that dialogue box goes away it should be done. Look at the bottom right to check the time-stamp like with the manager.