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You may have seen QR codes in your daily life.  They are an easy way to get a task done without much input.  We have designed it to work with our IVM check in system for easy check outs.  This article will show you how to print a QR code on your badges and how to use those to check out quickly and easily.

Step 1 – Printing the QR Code

To print the QR code navigate to your DYMO device settings page within your Web Client.  Once there you will see an option to Print IAK QR Code.  Make sure this is enabled. That’s it!


You can click Test Printer to do a test print with the QR code on the badge.

Step 2 – Configuring your Optical Scanner

Now that the QR code prints on the badge, we need a device that can scan it.  If you already have an Optical Scanner for use with Sexual Offender Checks then you already have this device!  We can use the same Optical Scanner to also scan the QR code. 

Navigate to Web Client Settings and click on Devices.  Click Add New.

Select the Optical Barcode Scanner.

Here you have a few settings.

Device Name – Name your device (It’s a good idea to name the device something QR code related.)

Min Characters – The minimum characters that the scanner will read.  Best to set this to 1 

Max Time Entry – The maximum amount of time the scanner has to process what was scanned.  The default time shouldn’t need to be adjusted.

Scanning Mode – There are 3 scanning modes, Drivers License, IAK Badge, and Raw Code.  For QR code scanning select IAK Badge.

Step 3 – Activating the QR code for Check Out

After configuring the scanner we need to activate QR code scanning.  To do this navigate to your Web Client Settings and click Badge Settings

Click the badge you want to activate QR code scanning for and scroll down to Check Out Options.  Here select the QR code scanner you configured under the Scanner drop down menu.

Be sure to click Save at the bottom.

That’s it!  To test the QR code scanning, simply complete a check in with a printed badge.  Take that badge, click Check Out then select the badge name. You will see a screen like the one below.  Just scan that QR code on the badge and your check out is complete!

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