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A collection of advice from our technicians that could apply to your Ident-A-Kid VM system.

Make the Pre-loaded List Easy (Download PDF)

RFID Solutions (Download PDF)

Advanced Webcam Settings
  1. Click on a badge that takes a picture from the webcam
  2. Now hit the left Ctrl key, left Shift, and click the Take Picture button
  3. When the Video Source windows pops up, click Device Settings.
  4. You’ll now be able to adjust different settings like the brightness of the image. *Adjusting the brightness to a higher setting will brighten the printed image on a visitor label.
  5. Once the desired settings are set, click Apply then OK to save those settings.

*If by any chance you are not satisfied with your changes to the webcam settings, go through the steps again and click Default in Device Settings to change them back. Click Apply and OK to save.

-Tech Mike M.

Off Site Hours
  1. Click Utilities > Off Site Hours
  2. After you enter your password, enter the generic info as if you were trying to log-in then click Check Out
  3. When the Time Capture window pops up, enter the amount of hours and minutes of the off site event.
  4. Double check both the Log-in and Log out sections to make sure the date and time is correct.
  5. Click OK, and the data will be tracked directly in the reports.

-Tech Sean A.

Viewing All Webcam Photos by Date
  • Go to My Computer > Open (Local Disk)C: Drive > Open Program Files folder > Open the Ident-A-Kid Services of America folder > Open the ISASecurity folder > Then click the Photos folder.

This will have a list of all of the webcam pictures taken from the machine by date.

-Tech Sean A.

Dymo Trouble Shooting

If you find your Dymo printer is not working, there are several troubleshooting steps you can go through: -Is the power on?

  • Try unplugging your printer from the main power source (the wall outlet), then unplug from computer. After waiting 30 seconds, plug in and look for a blue light on the front of the printer.

-Print a test page

  1. Click Start> Printers/Devices> Dymo Printer
  2. Right click Printer Properties then click Print Test Page

-Check Default Settings If the problem persist after using the solutions above, try changing the settings listed below:

  1. Go to Default Settings
  2. Click Badge Printing and make sure Print Label is selected for the Printing option.
  3. Remain in the Badge Printing section and make sure you have the correct Paper Size selected.

Select IDK Labels if you’re printing Visitor Labels.
Select Hall Pass if you’re printing Tardy Passes.

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