Ident-A-Kid Advanced Networking Requirements - Ident-A-Kid Support

Ident-A-Kid Advanced Networking Requirements

The Ident-A-Kid Check-in software accesses our servers for syncing check-in and settings data, running SOC Checks, and accessing a number of our other services, including the Web Manager and our Remote Access Service.
On an average connection, we normally find no need to set any special configurations as the default HTTP/HTTPS ports are in use for most services, but if your school operates any sort of network security, it may be a good idea to use the information below as a checklist to ensure our service will work in your organization.

IAK-VM – this is the host our program syncs checkin data and settings to. – This is the host our program runs SOC checks from for sign-ins.
Port 80 and Port 443 are used for the traffic to these hosts.

Aeroadmin – Ident-A-Kid Remote Access Service
Aeroadmin is the remote access tool we use for troubleshooting and assisting with training and installing software. It is a free to use program that operates similar to Teamviewer in that the process needs to be active for the duration of the troubleshooting, requires that the person receiving assistance provides us an ID number generated by Aeroadmin’s Authentication Servers, and manually accepts the connection and sets permissions for the session.
Aeroadmin runs six hosts for connections, listed below.

The Auth10 host is the primary host, with the others serving as overflow for high traffic. As we cannot predict their traffic, we ask that all these hosts individually be allowed to ensure we can get your system repaired when you need it.
Aeroadmin uses ports 80, 443, and 8080 for traffic. TCP 5950 is the default listening port. You can change it by using “-base_port 5950” argument. – Arguments for advanced permissions, if needed. As Aeroadmin will prompt to accept connections as long as the software is running, we ask that when you are done with the connection that you close out of the program. We normally end the session by closing the program ourselves, but it is best to ensure for yourself that it is closed. However, unless specifically configured to do so and setting up a password, Aeroadmin will not accept a connection without prompting the user first.