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I am getting a permissions error (You may see RTE 91) in Windows 8/10, how can I fix this?

This is most likely shown as a Runtime Error 91 when launching the Identakid program. The program has to be run as an administrator. If you don’t know how to set this up please contact your schools tech department.

My report printer failed to print! What can I do?

Check that your report printer is connected to your PC or, if its shared, its online and visible within Control Panel>Devices & Printers. You can try to power cycle the printer by unplugging it for 60 seconds then testing it again. If it is still not printing, you may want to contact the person or department that can service the printer.

My DYMO is not printing labels! What can I do to fix this?

There are several possible causes for this. The first thing you should do is unplug the printer for 60 seconds then plug it back in and test. You can also check the print queue and clear anything that may be holding up the print job. Make sure to also check for paper jams or broken pieces internally. If all else fails, give us a call to see if the device is still in warranty and to get support.

My DYMO is printing multiple badges! Help!

Chances are the paper size settings for the DYMO printer are incorrect. Navigate to Windows Control Panel and find the Devices & Printers. Within this option you will see your DYMO listed there. Right click on the printer and click on Printer Preferences. When that comes up click on Advanced in the lower right corner. The paper size setting is near the top and should be set to 30256 Shipping for labels and Continuous, Wide for hall pass tape.

When installing the program, I get a message stating to run it as an administrator. How do I do this?

Right click the icon that you use to launch the program and click on the “Run as Administrator” option. If you do not see this option or a login screen comes up after clicking it, you will need to contact your schools tech department for assistance.

Some text within the Identakid program is cut off or missing. What can cause this?

This sounds like the DPI (Dots Per Inch) setting on the PC is not set to a compatible value for the Identakid program. The DPI should be set to 96 or 100%. Chances are this value is currently set to 125%.

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