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Ident-A-Kid Support Videos

Learn how to setup and get the most out of your products.

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Need additional help?

See all the ways you can reach our support team here.

Need additional help?

See all the ways you can reach our support team here.

Getting Started

Watch these videos to setup and get started using your products

Activating Offline Support

Learn how to enable Offline Support here.

Adding Users to School Manager

Learn how to add users and assign the proper roles to each user.

Running Reports

Learn how to run different reports here.

Software Features

Watch these videos on different features of the iVisitor Management Software.

How to Setup a Station Kiosk

Learn how to setup a station kiosk here.

How to Check-in Visitors

See the check-in process for version 4 here.

PowerSchool Setup

Learn how to setup PowerSchool with your visitor management system.

Hardware Setup

Videos on setting up hardware for iVisitor Management.

Ident-A-Kid Label Printer Setup and Configuration

Video on setting up and configuring the Ident-A-Kid Label Printer.

Dymo Initial Setup

Video on setting up a dymo printer

Temp Chek™ Plus Assembly

View the assembly of a Temp Chek™ Plus station here.

Troubleshooting Tips

Watch these videos for troubleshooting tips with your iVisitor Management System.

Webcam Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting tips for a webcam.

How to Send System Logs

Video on sending system logs.

How to do a Station Reset

Learn how to reset your iVisitor Management station here.

Training Videos

We've put together videos that can help you utilize different features of the iVisitor Management System.
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